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Iron Chef Putney strikes again

Well, I opened the poussin, and they smelled like fish. Only fish should smell like fish, and generally fish shouldn't really smell fishy, either. Meat should mostly smell like nothing. So I threw them all out, apologizing to the God of All Chickens for the horrible waste of these little birds' lives - and yet, really, really not wanting to get food poisoning again. My guess here is that the fridge at work just wasn't cold enough to store them in for two days. My bad.

This put me in the unfortunate situation of having three people (including me) expecting me to make dinner, so I put on my Iron Chef Putney! hat and made miracles happen. In this case, I took half a container of ricotta, mixed it with some cheeses (edam and parmesan) and an egg, boiled some pasta, fried together the one remaining Italian sausage and some back bacon, stirred some chopped prosciutto into the cheese mixture, then dumped all of it into the pasta once it was done. Voila! Um ... warm food! I also served a bit of acorn squash (it was goign to be stuffed with rice, but that only made sense with the chicken) and salad, and we had melon for dessert.

Anyway - it wasn't genius but it was warm food and everyone said it tasted alright - and, really, it did.

And now - reviewing shadowdaddy's play, and maybe an early evening - I'm just really worn out.
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