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New York, End day 1 (actually it's the end of evening 2, some would say end day 2, take your pick)

(Local time: 2 AM)

Today ... got a late start as we only had breakfast at noon. Fortunately we slept all the way until 10, which means the melatonin was doing its stuff (even letting us sleep through cat madness at 7 AM), but we didn't have any food in the house and breakfast was rather far away from wake up time for me (the computer beckoned, what can I say) and I seriously crashed before the food arrived.

When it did, breakfast was a glorious affair of silver dollar pancakes and pork sausages (with no bread in them, thankyouverymuch) and Belgian waffles with good ol' normal bacon on the side, not big slices of ham. Ahh. And all of that plus drinks for $18 (okay, that was a lot of money, but we're in New York and the meat sides added $3 to the price of the entrees). I was very tempted to get a Monte Cristo, but that'll wait until later, I think. I know people worship the fry up but Gods, an American breakfast menu was a wonder to behold.

Word to the wise: it's really fucking cold out there (here), and mid twenties is an assload colder than mid thirties. I had on my thickest cashmere sweater, leather pants, and knee high socks, and I wound up wishing I'd had a second full layer on underneath all of that stuff - the leather coat and pants weren't doing enough. I had a bit of wardrobe fail - my new polartec hat didn't go down far enough over my ears, the scarf wasn't wide enough to cover all the things that wanted to be covered, and the gloves split where the thumb seam meets the index finger bit. FAIL FAIL FAIL. (The new slippers are great, though.) At least I brought two pairs of shoes - shadowdaddy may be in trouble with his one.

Afterwards we did a bit of shopping (organic grocery or no, I was shocked to realize the package of English muffins I'd picked up was $5 and the crumpets were $4 - they went back, though I kept the pecan and cinnamon rolls that were $1.70 each) so we wouldn't be utterly foodless, dropped the groceries off at the apartment, then finally headed to the Brooklyn Art Museum to meet with thedivas. Word to the wise: it's really fucking cold outside. Did I mention that yet? It is so cold that the walk to the museum kind of tired me out just with the effort to get warm. My hands were actually tingly from the cold when I took my gloves off. BRR. The nice thing about the walk was that it took us by a farmers market where I got some CORTLAND apples. This was very exciting to me as these apples are pretty much only available on the east coast, and I think they are very tasty - a perfect texture. Yum!

BMA was a great museum. I was very sad to have missed the Murakami exhibit, but we had a neat video installation by Jesper Just (transvestism/transsexuality figured in both of the pieces we watched), some awesome art by American artists from the early 20th century (Isamu Noguchi, Georgia O'Keefe, Marsden Hartley), and that whacked out, infamous Judy Chicago "The Dinner Party" with all of the plates with vaginal motifs on them (I'd read about it in art school -m it was actually quite the installation, as it was an entire, large room at a museum). Afterwards we walked over to Chiles and Chocolate and had ourselves some genuine Oaxacan stile Mexican food (Wahaca, eat your heart out) - there were three mole choices AND two different kinds of tamales. Whew!

We went our separate ways and J and I headed to Lincoln Center to see South Pacific. The review in the New York Times ages ago had fired me up, and this was quite a good show; the lead, Kelli O’Hara, had a voice like golden honey; her very first song caught me up entirely. It was also just packed with perfect songs from top to bottom, rather like "Annie Get Your Gun," and I was tempted to get the soundtrack (though I think I do have the original cast recording at home, so I'll manage). Our seat were way off to the side but fortunately we were able to watch all of the action except for the end of "Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair."

The show let out at 11 and instead of going home we ... went across the street to the Barnes and Noble and shopped. Imagine! Shopping at 11 PM! Such a thing never occurs in London! We got a missing present for [insert name here] and a CD for me and a game for us, then headed home - where at 12:30 I was sitting on the couch eating peppermint stick icecream. That's another thing I miss about the states; really good icecream in a wide variety of flavors from hordes of small dairies. YUM (again).

And somehow, what with answering emails and writing this, it's now 2 AM. I guess I'm dealing with the jet lag okay but my contact lenses feel like potato chips. Talk to you all later ...
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