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Razzle frazzle grumph

I'm still in a fairly bad mood - fuck the christmas presents, fuck the guests, fuck the party tonight. Unfortunately we still have OBLIGATIONS, like people that we (normally) like who are, in fact, already here, and the other people who are coming over tonight, and the people that I think deserve better signs of our esteem than a bag of stale coffee bought at the supermarket. (Oh, the height of the dot-com frenzy, when all of my present shopping took place four days before Christmas in a grocery store! "Yeah, that smoked salmon looks GREAT. I wonder how the cake will hold up?")

So we have things to do today, like cleaning the house and more shopping, plus we're supposed to go fold the neighborhood newsletters for a while. But I really just want to lay on the couch and read a trashy science fiction novel by the light of the putrid fog outside. I was realizing I've got a couple of real goodies I haven't even touched yet, like the new Storm Constantine Wraethu book and Quicksilver. And I want to take advantage of the shitty weather to go to some art museums I haven't seen in a few months. Soon, my pretty, soon.
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