Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Second to last night in New York

This was a very slack day due to us staying up very late last night. I was up earliest at 11, but it wasn't even until 2 that we went and had brunch up the street (Sotto Voce). Then we puttered around on a long loop to the flea market up the street and then finally to my brother in law's old apartment, where, yes indeed, the sweater I'd won off of Ebay three weeks ago was sitting waiting for me. It was an incredibly mild day, in the low sixties, but we weren't inspired to do a walk in the park because of the threatening rain and the fact it was so late in the day it was getting dark by the time we'd got the sweater.

I showed a tiny degree of ambition by deciding to make pasta alla norma for dinner tonight (along with my fabulous sous chef shadowdaddy), inspired to some extent by the salted ricotta for sale at the great Italian grocery store up the street (Rosso's, I think it is). After we were finished and the plates were cleared away, we played Rock Band, which is fun but silly. Then folks called it a night, but I stayed up finishing my review of the New York City ballet's Nutcracker. My thought overall is that I really must try to write these reviews up sooner - it's been almost a week since I saw this show and I've already forgotten way too much. Ah well.
Tags: ballet, new york, travel

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