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Last full day in New York

Well, we did our best to make good use of our day - a full day with my brother in law and New York City beckoning. Er, well, except that since I stayed up writing until 1 AM last night I didn't really get an early start today - I was exhausted from two nights of poor sleep and today I raced to catch up, putting in a good ten hours of snooze time. But, well, you know, I'm on vacation, and to me, part of "vacation" is "feeling rested," not running yourself so ragged you're more exhausted when you come home than when you left.

So - we got a bit of a late start today. First stop was the "Donut Shop and Luncheonette" (324 7th Ave), a little dive a few blocks up the street from our normal stop. The food was hot, stunningly affordable (all three of us had breakfast for under $20? And I had waffles? How did that happen?), and served quickly and with sass. (I thought it was good, also, especially the home fries.)

Next stop: Museum of Natural History. It seems it took us about an hour to get there (thanks to needing to run another errand and the distance from Brooklyn), and when we got there it took almost thirty minutes to get in as the lines were rather long. And THEN the exhibits we were interested in seeing were "sold out" for the day - all of the free pre-reserved tickets were gone until four hours later.

Truth be told, with so many people in there, I was pretty well through in about twenty minutes, but we soldiered on, going to the earth gallery (cool igneous rocks), the big sea life room with the model blue whale, PUSHING PUSHING PUSHING THROUGH PEOPLE AND BEING BUMPED CONSTANTLY, then finally making it to Dinosaurs Wot Ate Meat room, where we saw a fabulous allosaurus that had been remounted during the period we were living here so that it actually stood in a position like what they currently think they stood in - so the tails were more or less parallel to the ground. (There is a picture of me standing in front of it in an earlier post.) This skeleton is even COOLER because it's an honest to God fossil, not a cast - that is, what you're looking at is a big pile of ROCKS, and it's held together with a steel armature, because obviously it's very HEAVY and rocks don't like to pile up in lines far above the ground in a manner similar to a spinal column. Next to it was an allosaurus that had been mounted in 1908 or so, and it was comic because it looked like a toy dinosaur in its hysterically inappropriate he-man stance.

From there we went to the Dinosaurs Wot Had Chewy Teeth gallery, where we saw AWESOME DINOSAUR MUMMIES that showed what dinosaur skin looked like, and, in some cases, dinosaur tendons and occipital (and ear) bones (this was actually just one really good skeleton). The really cool mummy was preserved utterly as found, which looked like he'd died, fallen over, and had a bit munched out of him before he'd been covered in sand. I loved all of the various duck bill dinosaurs and their relatives ...

Except the PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE everywhere AARGH though the bumping wasn't so bad as I'd given shadowdaddy my bag and he was taking most of the brunt of the shoving and pushing and things actually mellowed out when we left this area and went to the Loser Mammals of the Early Daze room, which was apparently Lacking In Cool as these were mammals and THANK GOD the people cleared out. But I'd seen and correctly identified a Styracosaurus earlier and I was happy about that. J went to see the mastodons and I saw sun out the window in Central Park and I HAD TO GET OUT OUT OUT! So off we went, and we took our time walking through the park to a subway station rather further up the street than the nearest one (and walked by the John Lennon memorial), and it was nice and it was great to be in the fresh air and away from the piles of people and only around the some people.

Um - then we had no real goal as it was getting near sun setting time, so what we did was kill some time before dinner with some pizza (Bleeker Street Pizza, the Nonna Maria slices were deelish), some ice cream (Scoops, I think it was called, they had corn flavor but I got zabaglione and vanilla instead), pints (The Peculier, but I got a lychee martini instead), and shopping (key stops: McNulty's, not really the tea selection I was hoping for, and Vosges Haut Chocolat, which was only disappointing insofar as I was obliged to stop picking things out and call myself done without actually emptying the store). We noodled and doodled and finally made our way back to El Maguey Y La Tuna - only to discover they are closed on Mondays. Bah. So we went somewhere else for Mexican, but it was forgettable, and then we decided to just head home and play rock band and pack. This has mostly all happened, except for the packing, and it's near 1 AM, so I'm going to hop in the shower and call it a night (once I'm out).
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