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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

End of trip - New York, Day the 11th or 12th

This was a day of few accomplishments. The museum we went to was closed, I couldn't get a battery for my laptop, bah. Completely wasted trip into town except for the hot chocolate at Ceci-Cela (thanks koaloha for the hot tip). We bought a few last presents and that's all we managed.

Now I'm going to pack a last few things, eat my lunch (a sandwich from The Bagel Hole), and go.

Thought of yesterday: we were at the Natural History Museum looking at all of the stuffed penguins, narwhales, dolphins, manatees, and walruses, and I was kind of upset by how wasted their deaths were - just hunted to be put on display. Then I said, "Well, hey, you know, in a hundred years, this may be all we have left of any of these creatures, and maybe people will go to a museum like this to see all of the animals that aren't alive anymore."

Then we went upstairs to the museum of the Asian peoples and looked at the artifacts on display there, and I realized that most of the cultures they were showing specimens of were actually pretty much completely extinct.

Of the two, I don't know what thought made me sadder.

Anyway, see you all soon.
Tags: new york, travel

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