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My life, if it were any more exciting they'd sell it as an insomnia aid

My brain is currently blasting one thought: WE NEED MORE BOXES. Somehow the huge pile we had stashed in the guest bedroom turned into containers for maybe half of our books AND WE HAVEN'T PACKED ANYTHING ELSE. So we can't really even START packing tomorrow until item one, FIND MORE BOXES, has been taken care of.

The good thing is that this bad news made it possible to focus on more realistic items tonight, such as doing laundry (no sense moving with dirty stuff), washing dishes, writing theater reviews (ahem), making dinner (mac & cheese and the remainder of the ham, which, whoops, wasn't really enough for three), and ... wow, look at all of that free time ... playing Agricola. This was a game I brought back from NYC (I'd wanted it since my birthday) and it was the first time any of us had played it. Fortunately we're all fairly experienced game players, so we managed to stumble through fairly successfully, though some of the end of game scoring penalties caught us by surprise. Still, given that wechsler had 80% of his farmland occupied, it's no surprise he ultimately won the game. However, the "30 minutes per player" thing was of course an inaccurate lie for a bunch of newbies trying to work it out from the rule book. Still, I think we all had a good time. Now J and I just need the melatonin to hit so we can somehow pull a day of major packing out of the remaining time in the weekend - all while finding more boxes. BOXES. It's what's for breakfast.
Tags: games, moving sucks
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