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End of packing day 2

Well, we didn't accomplish all I wanted to for the weekend - the bookshelves aren't really emptied (though the ones in the living room are close), I didn't get all of the dishes emptied out of the china cabinet (though probably 3/4 - we ran out of paper at a critical moment). However, I feel like we may be about a quarter of the way packed. THis seems not so bad. I dont' feel panicky - we had a box finding recon mission this afternoon (in addition to the trip to Argos, home of the cheapest box pack out there) and came back with another twenty smallish boxes are so. I'm sure we've got enough to do the books now - the question for me is getting all of the china and stuff packed, which is actually a big bunch of work.

One thing I did accomplish was to clean every dirty item of clothing in the house not requiring dry cleaning (other than what we're wearing now). My suspicion is that a sort of power vortex has been created and things are going to magically start appearing in other areas of the house, or the laundry basket is going to suck other things in the bedroom into it - probably unused boxes and bubble wrap.

I also did an Iron Chef Putney lamb shoulder for dinner (cover with chopped garlic and fresh rosemary, slow roast in some leftover wine from the party), which worked out okay. About an hour later shadowdaddy completely hit the wall, and I was willing to be distracted and somehow convinced him to play another round of Agricola, which I just really enjoyed. It's funny to think we're playing the "easy" version right now, as we're still kind of wrapping our heads around it even after the second time. I can't wait to try it out full bore - sometime after we've moved.

My favorite online blogger has talked me out of seeing Ondine on Tuesday, which is probably for the best. This means the calendar is completely clear for the week - all I need to do is pack and eat and clean. Wonder if we'll actually be ready to move on Saturday? That would be great, much better than Sunday.

Payday is Tuesday. Other than getting that all-important paycheck, I'm not eager about going back to work (we were moved while I was gone and my first task will be unpacking, bleah). Two weeks off has been pretty darned good. All I can hope is that the stupid jet lag has loosened its hold on me! And once we've moved, I've got La Cage Aux Folles stars in my eyes. It's a damned shame Panto season is pretty much over!
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