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I'll have a blue ... (oo Oo OO OO Oo oo)

shadowdaddy was super nice and let me take the car to work today, which means I also slept in. This was unfortunately necessary as my sleep schedule was really whacked thanks to my 6:30 nap yesterday. (The whacked schedule was also potentially responsible for a dream involving people whose LJs I read but have never met ... as if I even know what ciphergoth looks like! But how did my Grandma get in this dream, I wonder?) shadowdaddy and I both died while we were at scarlettina's party last night ... the lack of sleep from the night before caught up with us while we were there and even her delicious latkes weren't enough to shake us out of our stupor (and the little kids there were, I think, playing havoc on my mildly damaged head). So I crashed out officially once we got home. This was mostly a good thing, as it made me pleasant company for Jared and Julia when they returned from their afternoon's adventures.

We played a game of Puerto Rico with Jared (incredibly low scores - 36 a winner - but a true tie with me and shadowdaddy both at 36 with one doubloon apiece), then I sat down with Julia and tried to relearn how to knit (not that I ever really had it figured out). Knitting felt to me like trying to eat with chopsticks, only with one in my right hand and one in my left - incredibly graceless and uncoordinated. Finally I twisted the thread around my middle finger so I could hold onto the loops with my index and thumb, and things started going more smoothly. It was nice having her there ... very relaxing! But I could feel some pain in the back of my left hand from holding everything so tightly and I wondered if I've got some kind of carpal tunnel coming on or if perhaps I'm eventually due for rheumatoid arthritis.

I'm expecting work to be dead today. My muslim officemate said it felt like a Sunday in here. We have no plans for tonight either ... well, maybe we'll go to the Pat Graney solstice party, but other than that, I don't know, Bad Santa is all that's coming to mind, or getting together with Cathy so she can get back her Settlers of Catan game.

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