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In a world full of boxes, no one can hear you scream

Wow. So many boxes. And not nearly enough.

I feel like packing some more right now.

Dreamed of moving disasters last night - someone came by and stole all of our clothes from our unemptied closets, something caught on fire. I also dreamed of a horse that could climb over giant cement walls and driving around and getting lost, and m_cobweb.

We have a list of things to pack every day, and we don't seem to be ever hitting the targets. The books are all now packed (finally), but the china cabinet isn't, and I don't think we got enough done on the kitchen to ... eh whatever. Tonight.

The current landlord called last night and she's mad about the cat. Oh well. I'm mad she hasn't fixed the floor. She also doesn't seem to want to replace the junky furniture (in the living room) that was here when I moved in, despite saying at the time I could bin it all. I think she's replacing the paper thin mattress for the full sized bed, which is good as I'd like to take that with me to the new place. Talking to her stressed me out. Which reminds me, I need to find some professional cleaners to do the joint today. The ones I called yesterday weren't available.

I woke up in the middle of the night and turned down the heat, which we'd taken off timer because doing that left the house at something like 50 when we wake up. I have three pairs of flannel pyjamas and one of polartec, and they've been getting good workouts this week. Warm is sexy. Cold is not sexy. I imagine I feel like a big cuddly stuffed toy, but I suppose, to J, I just really feel "warm," which is good enough.

Usually in the morning the cat and I fight over her desire to sit on my lap while I use the computer, but she's found a new, uncomfortable way to arrange herself, and I've decided the inconvenience is now worth having a warm lap. Even having the laptop sitting on my legs is nice.

It's early. I'm rambling. Time to find another version of "two layers of wool, knee socks, thick pants" and go to work.
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