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Home for the final push

It's funny how "at freezing" kinda seems balmy after New York. It helps that its sunny gorgeous outside. We've got the windows open at the flat, my little Nonesuch Palace, and it's doing its best to say, "Look how gorgeous it is and how you will miss me! I will make it nice for your remaining time here." Of course, having the curtains open means waves of ice are coming off of the windows, but we'll manage. And when it gets dark, we'll close the curtains and that will be that.

I'm remembering why I have all of these sweat shirts; they were for when I was working at the chocolate factory, which wasn't really heated in the winter. I had to have clothes that kept me fairly warm and handled repeated washings well (as they were constantly getting chocolate splashed on them). Ive kept thinking about taking them to the thrift store but for some reason held on to them. They've been great for packing - I can get them covered with ink without guilt and they keep me warm (still).

We left at 1 without incident. I actually got all of the work done that had been on my plate for the week. I know more was coming this afternoon that I was going to miss because of leaving early, but it's not like I don't need to be here now, or even that I was able to focus particularly well given the load of work I have to get done to be ready for the truck tomorrow morning.

Well, I've eaten and secured tomorrow's breakfast. I don't really need to leave the flat at all before 10 AM. The sad thing is, what I'd really like to do is finish reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, if only. And I can tell that I'm pretty tired and could use a nap, but I don't imagine I'd really be able to relax enough to sleep, not now that it's almost four PM.
Tags: moving sucks, reading
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