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God damn I feel like a lazy sack of shit

Nice article today on La Paz in the LA Times today, although I was really just looking for better news about the earthquake. I need to remember to get us a place to stay since the flaky lady at the first B&B didn't have her act together.

I wound up actually having some honest to God work to do today besides reading specs. I even found a (super low priority) bug! Lawsy me. Better get that puppy written up - it's only been two hours. Most of my time today was spent getting me a 401K plan set up - sort of a work thing to do.

I've got a lot of support for going to the 3:15 Lord of the Rings at the Cinerama next Tuesday (the 30th), so if any of you want to join me, just speak up and I'll see about getting you a ticket. (This is despite a review in the New York Times which said that the movie's audience is very much skewed toward men, adding "A female colleague went because her boyfriend wanted to, explaining her own interest by saying, "I'm so in love with Viggo"(not her boyfriend's name). I of course am going because of Orlando Bloom.) As for tomorrow, I'm looking at a half day and a trip to Renton to eat at the BBQ hut. No sense straining myself this close to Christmas!

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