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Rainy days and Mondays - does the combination help?

For those of you who are interested in rare species, I can't give you pink iguanas, but I can give you rare tree Kangaroos have twins.

If you're doing annual reviews at work, this article might be worthwhile reading.

When I read the Metro this morning, I was excited to see that staycation has achieved some traction and may, like Pinocchio, become a real word. On the other hand - they're just now getting around to considering "defriending" for this list? How 2004 of them!

The meanest thing on the internet today is probably here. Oscar season is the one time a year I will read celebrity news, because I like to look at the dresses, but the quotes on this site make it worth reading just for the humor value.

Oh yeah. And per this article, I could be paid to blog and snorkel. You know what? For £75K a year, I am going to apply for this job. I don't care if it's half publicity stunt, I think it could be the best six months of my life.

Wait, maybe this costume outfunnies the other link. I think I want it as a new icon.

Anyway, I have work to do as my 3 PM meeting was cancelled and the internet is back up again. Hope your Monday is going alright.
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