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Thinking about the past

So my "former best friend Mary" (as referenced on my Geocities home page back in 1999) has uploaded a bunch of photos on Facebook of us circa 1989 ... when she and I shared a house together in Tempe, Arizona.

It's crazy for me to see these pictures and have her refer to things I've entirely forgotten about. Sure, I remember when we both filled out personal ads in the local alternative newspaper and the fun we had comparing our responses (and the guys we actually went out with), but I forgot that this ended up at some point with us in a cornfield on the far western edge of Phoenix, from which we absconded with a few souvenirs. There are a lot of people I've completely forgotten about, too. The pictures bring back a rush of memories as well as the feeling of some things that might have just completely slipped out of the holes in my head over the years.

I also realized that looking at our household, we would have had the perfect set up for a sitcom - the muscular skater boy, the mellow pagan hippie chick, the bouncy Madonna-wannabe club girl, the moody geek alterna-girl (Goth or Mod would have made it easy to dress the character though I was getting into much brighter colors around that time). It seems in retrospect like it would be easy enough to do a cartoon or silly movie based on these "characters" as anything else I've thought about.

Now I want to get a scanner and start uploading my pictures from this era. It's strange, it seems so very long ago ... twenty years ago, in fact. Did this suddenly become my "good old days" while I wasn't looking? At least my life has never really become dull as I've gotten older - nothing like a move to a foreign country to shake things up just when I might have been going soft.
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