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Unpacking, day the 7th

Well, we've hit an exciting bit of unpacking - we've got to some of the boxes that were never opened in London. These are mostly boxes of art, which is exciting enough - some of these paintings I'd forgotten I'd bought, and they're still gorgeous - but also we've found some strange miscellanea such as a small hand-knotted rug (circa 1935) and my T-shirts, which had been put in a box marked "J's Books" and were forgotten about. A sweater I've been thinking of replacing is in there, as is the infamous Aleister Crowley T-shirt I've had such a good time wearing ... over the decades ... (scary, isn't it?) and a T-shirt from HiScore, my old Seattle hangout (before it got turned into condos).

Now it's on to some grunt unpacking, but also we've got some errands to run, buying some things that we don't have and are missing badly, like garbage cans and a broom. And it's a lovely sunny day, perfect for walking around and running errands. I also need to call BT and ask them what happened to my phone line (it's three days since it was promised). Later on we'll go to the Union Theatre to see "It's Behind You!" and then off to a birthday party. I'm expecting this will b a good Saturday - sunny ones always have so much promise.

And I'm leaving Friday for a looong weekend in Funchal. I can't believe it's so soon, but, I have to say, given that I've been stretched to breaking at work the last two weeks, I really, really need it.
Tags: moving sucks, travel
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