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129 boxes of crap on the floor, 129 boxes of crap ...

Well, we've made our way down from Tuesday's 163 boxes (which I'm assuming included suitcases shoved full of clothes) to a mere 129, and this morning we've emptied a giant suitcase and a very large box (that was actually already half empty) full of clothing. We've also wasted some time online looking at "storage solutions," my current favorite currently being this kichen cabinet, though we also need things to store towels and books in. I'm now fantasizing about bookshelves, one of those rolling liquor cabinet things (for the dining room), and a gorgeous cabinet for the kitchen - and setting us a budget of 400 pounds for the next six months, which should keep us from embracing further debt. We have decided that towels can be stored in emtpy suitcases for now - we have them and it will take care of the primary need of "keeping the clean towels from getting dirty."

The cat's being a lovely friendly ball of fluff today and generally keeping me happy. We're going to head out in a bit and see about getting a dosa at the place on the high street we went to on our day of nightmarish flat hunting; it's the kind of thing I'd like to have be a part of our new Sunday routine for living here, a "Sunday Roast" kinda thing that's all about the tasty Indian food. And with the sunshine today, a walk would be excellent, even if Boo has other ideas about how I should spend my day.
Tags: moving sucks
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