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Rather than break up the list

I'm pretty excited that per the 12 days of Christmas meme I am getting 12 ciphergoth's for Christmas. I've got plans for all of them. One will program hard core geek stuff, one will get to work on fun computer projects, one will go out to the Mercury with me, one will go to other bars on his own, one will exclusively maintain the other eleven, and ... I'm sure I'll figure out something for the rest of them, but I'm not going to say my ideas here.

I'm somewhat embarassed by my reaction to seeing Elf last night. I got kind of weepy at the parts where you were supposed to get all "touched" by the movie. Normally I'm too ironically detatched to get sucked in like this. I think it's because last weekend was so crappy that I needed to blow some steam off. It's weird that I feel more at ease doing this in a movie theater where no one is watching me. The audience experience was very wierd last night, though. I'd practically packed a picnic in my bag (lots of snacky leftovers from the party Saturday), and I was apparently not alone in this - the crackling and crinkling of paper was positively LOUD. Anyway, it was a most enjoyable film, just like Brett Fetzer promised - short, fun, never overstayed its welcome or wore out its gag. I liked it. Now I'm only two movies away from a full 52 for the year - and I've already got one movie picked out for next Tuesday. With any luck, I can see Sunrise next Sunday at the Grand Illusion, and I'll be there - a movie a week, in a cinema, for 2003.

After the movie we went to Half Price Books, allegedly in search of Japanese language books. I found bits and pieces that would add together to teaching yourself Japanese, but the one title they had prominently displayed was, I was sure, the one that had been mercilessly mocked on Amazon as plain old bad. So we picked up some naughty art books and took them with us to the Mandarin gate, where we saw more people than I feel like typing right now. I got in two songs, a Christmas song I'm trying to block out of my memory and "Only the Lonely" by the Motels, an unqualified success and only made better by the wig and gloves I donned. I was accused of being a ham, which I denied, but the circle of pinapple on my head gave me away again.

Happily there's still little to do at work. People were hitting the pool table already when I cruised in at 9:40 (thanks for the car, shadowdaddy, and the extra half hour of sleep!). I'm going to try to set my hand at some dull paperworky task for today (a test plan), but basically I'm planning on getting me some lunch with my coworkers and calling it Done for today.

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