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A quiet night at home would feel like slacking

After a day of high QA comedy at work, I attempted to book out of the office in time to meet shadowdaddy in Battersea and go look at some storage units that had caught my eye. However, reality intervened when I went to re-print the map and discovered they were open until 7 on Thursdays ... and only 6 on Wednesday.

Rethinking the evening, we decided to just meet in Tooting at the Wheatsheaf pub and see if the "removals" company near the tube station had anything suitable. I got there 5 minutes before closing, and what they had was miscellaneous junk of the sort I'd expect to see at a Salvation Army - none of which we needed. We each had a quick half (he was already inside the pub and agreed with my read of the furniture), then got some takeaway to fortify us for a fairly heavy night of unboxing.

Two plates of saag paneer, okra chile death masala, unusual dal, and rice later, we plunged into the kitchen. shadowdaddy did some dishes while I started moving the spice jars into the bread box, then rearranging the cabinets to open up space, then slowly moving the contents of two boxes marked "tea" into the cabinet - onto and in front of the breadbox - and all over the many remaining (full) boxes in the kitchen. Hrmph. Quite a bit of work to do there still and yet it seems like we may be at the maximum capacity possible for the current set of cabinets.

shadowdaddy meanwhile had dragged the stuff from the nook in front of the bathroom (bags, squashed boxes, and cardboard) into the spare bedroom and built some shelves (that I'd salvaged from the street in front of our old place) within the nook, then removed the various bags full of bathroom goodies from their former squashed boxes and placed said bags on or in front of the shelves. When I finished the tea, I got to work trying to make some sense of these bags. I got the pile down to just two or three remaining large tote bags full of stuff; they'll probably all fit in the space available, even with all of the other stuff there. This is good.

And yet, despite all of this, I was unable to find my favoritist moisturizer that had been sitting on the bathroom counter before we moved. Oh great moving gods, you have taken from me my large bottle of Estee Lauder eye makeup remover (with its cracked and leaking lid): please don't also claim my Neutragena ultra rich regenerating night creme! (I did find all of my travel shampoo and conditioner bottles, as well as the sun tan lotions and bonus sunglasses, so the effort wasn't without value, but still, I am looking for one tiny silver tube and I'd like to find it before another week goes by.)

I am stumped now by what we are going to do about the kitchen. I haven't even finished unpacking our supply of staples, much less things like the waffle iron and slow cooker, and there is just no more space to put things. Well, we'll try to make it to Battersea again tomorrow, and perhaps we'll have luck.

*sigh* Oh, and I've started reading Gulliver's Travels. It's actually pretty good.
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