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Work, normal work. Tea demolition.

Hmm. I see this picture and wonder - where did my black coffee cup go? Did it break? I'd like to get it back, or buy a new one.

I've spent the last hour waiting for a build. I got a ham and cheese croissant, I made a cup of tea, I had some cake someone brought in, I checked on education stuff, I basically exhausted all of the normal time killing things and I still don't have the "work" I am supposed to be doing, which is supposed to be the focus of my day and indeed the endcap for the entire month's work.

I have found out that the next 11 months I will be working on getting a content management system going. This makes me want to scream and run away as I spent a lifetime doing this at Acadio (back in late 2000-early 2001) and it was pure misery every step of the way.

Last night was a tea destroying extravaganza that I might have been ashamed of if I hadn't felt so confident that I would never touch the things I was throwing out. Bagged teas of a decade's age, loose teas of sorts I won't drink (freaky blends, poor quality Darjeeling) that were also five or six years old and guaranteed to taste like dust. I took some things into work (Fortnum and Mason "Royal Blend," probably stale but not bad for the office, and some Drury Lane bagged Darjeeling that I might toss out after all but wanted to give a last chance) and kept all of the flavored teas (good for iced tea when summer rolls around, and stale won't matter), but overall there was a 30% overhead in tea volume in my house last night. I just don't have room and there's no space for storing memories in my kitchen - better to move in new stock. I mean, there's no reason to have bad tea when I can get nice new tea to drink instead.

I really must have some Assam again. It's been ages!
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