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Sailing away on a Madeiran sea

Itºs our last day and we spent the morning sailing around on a replica of the Santa Maria. The boat didnºt do much (not even sail, it only used the engine), there certainly werenºt any dolphins, but we did get to look at the coastal cliff formations, which I thought was cool.

Three hours later we were back and off to lunch, the poached egg tomato soup stuff and a pounded beef steak burger, which would have been a great deal if we hadnºt been charged four earos for bread (!) and 3 for some very boring wine (one glass).

Now itºs time for a nap and then a trip to Blandyºs Wine Lodge, where weºll take a tour and do tastings of Madeiran wine (yum). Iºm also hoping to get some lillies and other flower bulbs at the market to try growing at home. Then thatºs pretty much it as weºre leaving tomorrow right after breakfast. Itºs sad, it hasnºt really even been warm enough to swim - not that it hasnºt been generally lovely.

Miss you all and see you soon!
Tags: madeira, travel
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