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Itºs all over but the packing

Just finished my last breakfast on Madeira - fresh cheese, home made wheat bread, a (too) soft boiled egg, a bowl of fresh tropical fruits, some tiny spicy sausages, and hot tea. Iºm feeling a bit melancholy as itºs sunny and lovely again and I donºt really want to get back in my room and pack.

Yesterday was fun and slack. I really enjoyed the tour of the Old Blandy Wine Lodge (which I kept calling the Malmsey Hut), where we topped off our daily total of Madeira with four more little glasses. To keep the ball rolling I bought about six bottles to take home - the prices seemed really good and the whole idea of a wine that doesnºt go bad when you open it appealed to me greatly. We finished off with a trip to Calzedonia (where I got a present for trishpiglet) and the farmerºs market, where I loaded up with pretty things to put in my new garden. I hope I have some luck - I have no idea what the growing conditions are for anything I bought besides the calla lillies.

Well, thereºs nothing really left to do besides fit the bottles in my luggage and pull out my cold weather clothes. I found a silly book to read on the plane so I shouldnºt be stuck for entertainment. But, hey, why should I be bothered about leaving, all Iºd be doing today is sitting around the garden and reading, likely, as itºs warm and Iºm feeling lazy and worn out still from my hike on Sunday (my calves are killing me!).

See you all soon.
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