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A brief diversion before a final night of unpacking: cider!

While unpacking, I found this article from the Independent: The Ten Best Ciders.

Unfortunately the online version of it had all of the ciders displayed singly, which I found irritating. What I wanted was a list so I could check of each one as I tried it. So I'm making one here.

Haven't tried yet:
Gwynt Y Ddraig Orchard Gold
Henney's Frome Valley Medium (have tried others of this brand)
Cornish Orchards Black and Gold Sparkling
West Croft Janet's Jungle Juice
Biddenden Strong Kentish Cider (dry)

Tried and liked:
Aspall Dry Premier Cru suffolk cider (hm, maybe not the premier cru, whatever that is)
Sheppy's Oakwood Special
Thatchers Katy (a bit sweet)
Dunkerston's Premium Organic Cider

Tried and didn't care for:
Weston's Old Rosie

Anyway, it's cold in the house (apparently at freezing outside) and I still have a lot to do to get the place straightened up. Back on it for me ...
Tags: cider
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