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Everybody geeks about something

I'm sitting here getting terribly excited about this version of Dante's Divine Comedy that I just read about in the Times online. "Five-year-old children pay in a giant glass cube, under the watchful eye of a giant doll. A figure comes on dressed as Andy Warhol and takes Polaroids of the audience. A vast black ball descends and collapses. The steel set crushes a human skull. Crowds of people swarm onto the stage, fall, and roll away as a mechanised skeleton crawls towards them."

Ooh baby. I went right out and booked some tickets for this show - it's all the way in April but some showings are already sold out (though I suppose if you get the three show multi-buy they'll find room for you). Sadly, I can only make it to Paradiso and Inferno (I've booked both for April 2nd) ... I guess Purgatorio can wait (snicker). (There's also a Kabuki 12th Night happening in late March ... yum! I wound up renewing my Barbican membership while I was on the site.)
Tags: schedule, theater
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