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Boxing day recap

I forgot today was that mysterious holiday, Boxing Day. What the hell are you supposed to celebrate about boxes? Is it like "wrapping paper day" or something? Anyway, I celebrated today by interviewing two people about the Erotic Arts festival (delightfully, Kathlyn of Sex on Screen is actually a former coworker of mine I really liked), then writing for about four hours. That means an 800 word article takes me about an hour per two hundred plus a full hour of editing. I hope the final result was good; it'll go to print on Monday then I'll have a long time to absorb its success or failure, since Tablet is going on hiatus for several months afterwards.

For Lily and Boo, Boxing day was celebrated with a trip to the vet and shots. shadowdaddy celebrated by playing with the old Gameboy, then falling asleep on the couch while I continued typing away. Once the story was wrapped up, we hustled up north for Mexican food with sallysimpleton and her husband. Lots of fun talk about our wicked youths over margaritas. Oh, to be a chicken thief again! Then we got lost in Lake Forest Park while trying to get on the freeway, finally winding up in downtown Bothell (don't blink!) and on our way to Cort's for the Rudolph Drinking party, where we all bellied up as Rudolph's nose glowed.

Question: what is the difference between being polyamorous/dating a married man and being the other woman/dating a married man? I mean, if in both cases the wife knows, what's so particularly better about the first option? For one of the people at the party, it seems that being shut out of the relationshiop left her just as alone in position one as it would have in position two.

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