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Up late writing up "Twelfth Night " review; have forgotten phone

I have my review of Twelfth Night up and available for the world to read, if you're interested. I don't know who Derek Jacobi is so I missed any star power this production was putting out. And, really, it's probably a fine production of this play ... but I wasn't blown away.

I have forgotten my phone today. I suspect it's sitting in the living room. shadowdaddy cleverly outwitted me by slipping my work badge from my jeans pocket into my bag, so I have it, but I'm apparently on a dropsy roll this morning as I DID leave my purse behind and had to go back and get it.

The weekend was fairly good in retrospect. Yesterday I didn't really make it out of the house though I cheered the departure of the second of the Ikea chairs from its spot on the sidewalk. J and W and I got in a game of Alhambra, which was awfully fun and a good way to kill the afternoon given that I'm trying to live life on the cheap for this month. I think I've forgotten to adjust my spending habits in recognition of the impact of increasing my retirement withholdings from my paycheck (the idea being "buy low and they will go up later"); either that, or the impact of moving and Christmas is still being felt. Ah well. We should hit "nothing owed" at the end of this month and be able to start working our way up to pre-move levels in a while. And keeping things tight now, that will pay for the trip to Sicily, though I have got to slip in several trips to the NFT next month for several showings of the "Vamps, Vixens and Femmes Fatales" season, such as the silent version of Salome,. Anyone else interested in that? And then I think it's time to join the gym again - it's a horribly boring way to spend my lunch but better than going out to eat and now that I'm going to Pilates weekely I can gym just twice a week and still get enough exercise.
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