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Les enfants sont en vacances

My big goal for today was to do my French tutoring at Saint Albans - but when I showed up, not only was the other girl who pair-teaches my two kids there (last week was spring break so we were confused about who picked it up again), the entire class was gone on a field trip.

So off we tromped back to Lacon House, only instead of going back to work, I called shadowdaddy back to meet me (in The Walks in Grey's Inn) to resume our walk. We decided to go to Lincoln's Inn Fields (shades of Charles Dickens!) and promenade. Sadly the crocii were all shut up due to the cool weather, but the swaggering wood pigeons were putting me in mind for a nice roast dinner. We finished up at Sainsbury's across from Holborn Station, where I discovered (joy!) the Castillo de Calatrava wine I'd enjoyed so much at lovelybug's was not only the cheaper of the two options, but was still on sale AND fantastically priced at £3.99 (wechsler and shadowdaddy, we must stock up). Sadly, the store itself was out, but hopefully the one in Tooting will still have some.

Back to work I am, then, with a fresh bottle of spring water for my tea, and nothing at all pressing to do. I suppose I should use this time to learn how to do automation, though I don't really want to at all. I'm still in a pretty good mood from yesterday evening and don't want to spoil it with a sudden attack of feeling ignorant and incapable.
Tags: londinium, my life, red red wine
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