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Spending lots of time on the computer, not feeling motivated

I've got two birthday do's to go to tonight but I'm having a hard time getting motivated. I felt mopey when I got up this morning and couldn't really get off the couch until 3 - when I went in the bedroom and fell asleep (a "hard reboot," I call it). I'm not out right now at the first event because the house is messy and I am backlogged with householderly things to do. I've finally got some of the cleaning and some more unpacking taken care of, but I've still got grocery shopping to do. This is a right pain to do on weeknights as our new flat is quite far from the store and lugging all of the crap uphill is not what I want to do before I get to eat. I'm going to be gone for most of tomorrow so basically if I didn't do everything today it was all just going to be sitting there staring me at the face for the rest of next week, too. And, hell, I don't know, does it actually look any better now? I guess the kitchen sure does and there's no getting around the fact that there's a lot of floor in the bedroom now that wasn't there three house ago, so I must have managed to accomplish something.

I think there are still real questions about whether or not I'm going to go anywhere at all tonight (in part because I'm trying to be super tight with the money for the next five weeks), but right now I'm hungry, and I am going to go to DosaAndChutney on Tooting High Street and have a late lunch/early dinner there and then go across the street and do my weekly shopping. It's moments like these when I wish I had a car again ...
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