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Review of Les Sept Doigts de la Main's "Traces" show up

Back home from Pilates and one of the amber earrings wechsler gave me for Christmas jumped out of my head! I'm guessing it's at the Y somewhere but I have a strong suspicion I will never see it again.

While killing time between work and the class I wrote up the show we saw last night, a circus-y performance by Les Sept Doigts de la Main called "Traces." If you like modern circus stuff you'll probably enjoy it and it was a fun night out.

Home now and it's noticeably colder outside than it was yesterday. I'm going to finish the night by washing some of my cashmere sweaters (ooh baby), then drink a bit of Madeira and read my latest book, which I'm enjoying quite a bit. It's not Proust, but some writers only spend thirty years working on basically one book and then quite rudely die without adding any more to their oeuvre. They're selfish, I say, though I have no idea what JD Salinger's excuse is.

Oh yeah. This weekend is totally old folks at home for me - Kew Gardens, a silent movie, games and dinner at home Friday and Saturday night. Soon people will be driving up and offering to take me out to tea once a month. Come to think of it, that sounds rather nice ...
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