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If there was a prize for idiocy in banking, HSBC would get it every year

So I just got a replacement card from HSBC, right? After they were unable to figure out where I lived despite my going into the branch and filling out a change of address form.

I am looking at my card right now, the one I just got, oh, maybe last week.

It says it starts in February, right? 02/09. This is good as it's when I got the card.

Expiration date? 01/09.

I mean, REALLY. It's like the stamp with the upside down airplane in it. How did they do this?

And I call the customer service agent, whose name is Nicole like mine is Prathima, and tell her about this, and she says, "Yes, your card has expired, we will need to send you a new one."


Anyway, I'm off to Pilates. The real mystery is how I managed to use this to pay for anything because I sure have. Unfortunately I won't be able to pick it up any time soon because I don't have any photo ID what with my passport being off at the US Embassy. But here's where HSBC is going to help me - they won't be sending out the card with the correct dates on it for two weeks. WOOO.

Awww! Bless!
Tags: hsbc can kiss my ass

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