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Back from the Sweeney Todd walk

NOTE: If any of you have any mysteries by Andrea Camillieri, can you let me know and possibly lend them to me? That said ...

Well! That was a lot of fun. I learned

1. Sweeney Todd was based on a story called "A String of Pearls."
2. Carey Lane is screamingly picturesque and I must visit the Seven Stars Pub. They are one of the few buildings in the Square Mile to have survived the Great Fire - and it shows!
3. There was a famous pie shop on Bell Yard but this was a real one and not Mrs. Lovett's.
4. St. Dunstan's church, at the end of Bell Yard (and where the bones were supposedly buried), merits more admiring.
5. 186 Fleet Street is a copy shop and trying to make the place atmospheric is an exercise in futility.
6. The Demon Barber of Seville is just waiting to be written. Who's going to make me a little short story, eh?

Oddly, I went and got a roast turkey sandwich on a carvery on Chancery Lane on the way back instead of having a pie, but as it was truly freshly roasted turkey and came with cranberry sauce I was in hog heaven.

I've finished my review of "Over There" if you're interested ... and now it's trivial tasks until the end of the day. See you at 5!
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