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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

It is Sunday, a make-a-roast-lamb kind of Sunday

I realized yesterday that there was probably no chance of my going anywhere today. I wanted to stay home and work on making my little house pretty. Now, the weather has worked both for and against me today, as the sunny weather we had at noon made me think I should go for a walk, but then a squall came along, convincing me of the genius of staying inside, but also dumping a bunch of black crap in the living room via the chimney.

At any rate, despite the mess associated with cooking (I have put a leg of lamb, sitting in a puddle of old white wine, in the oven to roast, with little holes punched in it and stuffed full of bacon cubes, garlic, and rosemary - recipe available upon request), I've got the kitchen looking almost liveable, and may be able to get the living room in a similar state without too much work. The challenge is, as ever, the bedroom, where the piles of clothes with no place to go are becoming a walking hazard, and the sheets and towels we also had no home for (and yet which have found a place to live) are now becoming vitally necessary while remaining quite invisible. Speaking of which, the peanut butter lid has, like the prodigal son, returned to its old home - but its one time friend, the jar where it spent the best times of its life, has moved on. Which reminds me, garbage collection is tomorrow, better get those bags outside.

Hmm. I need to turn the lamb and pour some juice on it, then get the potatoes together. I'm doing something that will look like scalloping and involve some wine and cheese. And maybe, if I 'm lucky, I can get in a game of Agricola before the night is over.
Tags: another sunday pissed away, my boring life
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