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End of Sunday. Was yours this exciting?

I never walked out the door of my house today. However, my leg of lamb was some world of awesome (recipe will follow), and the house is in general leaning more toward what I want it to look like - the kitchen is clean, the bathroom degrubbified, the walking areas generally more open. I got very lost going through a box that had things in it like letters from my grandma and old photographs - sorted out the things I thought I might use immediately (for change of address letters) and then just put it all back inside another, prettier box.

I've decided to have a ladies' Spring tea party in a few weeks. I have about convinced J (who will have to be here to help me get it to happen - last time I was frantic) that it won't be a huge pain in the ass. The last one I had was before I moved and I'm overdue. Wish I could have the same friends here as before, but ... I think half the people I invited last time weren't really hanging out with me anymore before I left, anyway, so I guess no point in getting all nostalgic about that!

Anyway, since dinner was early (4:30), tonight we got to sit down and play Agricola. wechsler has spent the weekend with us, which has been really nice and meant we could really go to town on the gaming. Unsurprisingly, he won, but only by two points - we're really still figuring it out. I figure a few more games and we'll be ready to move on to the "full" version, but we're going to have to not wait two months between games or we're not going to be able to build enough momentum to make the leap.

The week is looking busy and fun - two silent movies, a Flamenco music concert, and a trip to Cambridge. I expect by the time next Sunday comes around I'll be grateful, once again, to have a whole day to just sit around in the house and take it easy - by which I mean clean, organize, and (with luck) garden.
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