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I'm even using the cup in the picture

Gah, what a morning. In addition to just sleeping restlessly (somehow I'm sure I won't be walking on the ocean floor at low tide when I go to Palermo), the cat decided it was long past her feeding time and let us know about 30 minutes before wakeup time. Bleah. I managed to make nice bacon and egg muffins in good time but somehow got out the house late. I'm at work, bleary, and the cup of Princeton Darjeeling doesn't seem like nearly enough to wake me up.

This is all extra sad because I had a really nice night at Wahaca celebrating C's birthday and actually got into bed at 11 PM! And I only had two margaritas. It's all about sleep dep. Stupid cat.

Other news: I'm trying to make my phone last on about 60 p until tomorrow, so that I can get "free texts all weekend" on Tmobile, I'm spending Friday night in Cambridge, and I'm seeing another silent movie tonight.

Also, I finished Deanna Raybourn's Silent in the Grave this morning on my way into work, and I was right about "whodunnit!" How fun. I like these mysteries set in Victorian times - hits a lot of my "enjoy a book" bones. I guess I should try to write Victorian detective novels with Vampire protagonists - bet they'd go over a storm! (If only I could write fiction ...)
Tags: reading, sleep dep, stupid cat, tea

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