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Friday night at Sadlers Wells, Saturday night at home

Wow, look how sunny it is outside. And it's not even 10:30 and I've already had breakfast and everything. The second half is the cat's fault; we're mad at her today.

Last night J and I met dreamsewing in Islington, gorged ourselves on Malaysian/Thai food, then went to Sadler's Wells to see the Flamenco Carmen. I found it lacked the spontaneity of the dance I'd seen on Monday, but it was also jarring because I was expecting something that adhered more closely to the plot of Carmen. However, I'm willing to let a show be a show on its own merits - but this one was held back by the wooden performance of the female lead. She just lacked fire and didn't really prove emotionally satisfying to me. However, going with M was great and I was very happy for us all to spend an evening together. So happy, in fact, I'm doing it again tonight - a little "welcome back to London" taco party for 5 chez moi. It should be a delightfully chilled evening, and with any luck I'll be off my face on margaritas, singing and chattering like a moron, by 11 PM if not earlier.

The rest of the day, well, there will be "dropping stuff off at the charity shop," "going to the home base," and "cleaning the house." Ooh baby. But tonight will be great and since I got up so early (stupid cat) I've got lots of time to enjoy myself.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the National Theatre's Stovepipe production, in Shephard's Bush. It's general admission, and if anyone wants to join us (it's a 3 PM show), you're more than welcome.

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