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Sunday in Tooting - and elsewhere

Uh .... despite the fact I just wanted to laze around the house and go play in my garden, I actually motivated up to Shepherd's Bush to see Stovepipe today, a play about what a contractor might experience in Iraq. It was pretty good, really (not that I wouldn't have just stayed home and not bothered if I hadn't already bought tickets, but, still, it was pretty good). Afterwards we did a bit of shopping at the conveniently located grocery store behind the theater, then went home via Chatkhara and a plate of saag aloo. Once I got home, it was catchup time, with J in the back getting some grass seed down on the bare spots, and me wash wash washing away the huge pile of dishes left from last night's taco-ganza. Right now I'm writing (I mean, duh, here I am on LJ, but really I'm working on theater reviews), and I've just managed to finish a review of the Flamenco Carmen we saw Friday. Next stop, well, Stovepipe, because I have to feed my hungry monkey (my stats are down on my theater blog today due to lack of new content).

Speaking of gardens, I have to bitch about my trip to Homebase, and not just because everything there is overpriced.(Standard price = 2x what it ought to be). The story is that I need some patio furniture, as I am now the proud owner of a patio. So I walk into Homebase (and let me say here that Homebase is NOT a pedestrian friendly store - you will walk and walk and walk around the perimeter of the building until you come to an entrance to the parking lot, except in my case it was VERY SPECIAL as it was marked "pedestrian entrance" and led us to a parking lot where they were CLEANING CARS yes we got wet), and there is patio furniture! And not only is it a big display of patio furniture, but it is half off.

Except ... well, it's not much of a display of patio furniture. It's all a bit of a mess, really, not too many options. And none of the prices look like they're half off.

So I go to the store manager and say, "Hey! I see you have patio furniture."
Manager: Yes, we do.
Me: So, is it half off?
Manager: The prices are displayed.
Me: Are these the discounted prices?
Manager: These are the prices you would pay for the furniture.
Me: Um, okay, but are they the 50% off prices?
Him: These are the prices you would pay if you bought it today. We have not finished setting up the display.
Me: Er, that's okay, I don't mind that, but are these the sale prices?
Him: The display will not be finished for a while.
Me: But, the prices. Are they discounted?
Him: These are the prices?
Me: Is there a sale going on on patio furniture or not?
Him: No, the sale will start in about two weeks.
Me: Hmm, okay. So ... this Paris unit, I see a sign for it here, this is a good price, what does it look like?
Him: The display is not set up yet.
Me: Ummm ... okay ... so is there some place I can look at it?
Him: We are just setting up the display.
Me: Right. So can you tell me what furniture is going to be on sale?
Him: It is the patio furniture.
Me: Is it in a catalogue, perhaps? This catalogue here, it doesn't have any patio furniture. Do you perhaps have any catalogues with the patio furniture in it?
Him: Oh, I think that showed up on the pallet yesterday! I will go look for it.
Me (kills 10 more minutes)
J: I'm going to look for lightbulbs. (Leaves)
Him: No, I am sorry, I could not find the catalogue.

Upshot: there is patio furniture somewhere. Meanwhile, the grass seed we bought for 6 quid yesterday manifested in the grocery store today for 3 quid. I was pissed off. Oh well.
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