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Question: Is it really cold in your bedroom without a heating vent up there?
Answer: That depends on whether or not 53 degrees is "really cold" or just "cold."

It's another day of the Christmas Pool Parade at work today. Everyone here is spending the day behind the white ball in the lunchroom next to my office. Unfortunately my plans to bag early and go to ROTK is being hampered by other people's plans to do exactly the same thing. So we're going to go tomorrow instead. I don't mind waiting an extra day if it means I get to go with Melanie -- it was waiting for her to respond that kept me from buying the tickets earlier. Maybe I can get my brother to come along now, too. And hey, maybe it will start snowing and that will give me an excuse to bag off the afternoon anyway.

Seeing this movie before New Year's is now a critical component of my plan to see 52 movies before the end of the yar ... not a goal at the beginning of the year, but one that came to me as I counted up my movie list three weeks ago and realized I was already at 48. Surely, I thought, I could see just enough to get up to the magic number that would equal one movie a week. I already had plans to see ROTK soon, which left only three movies to sandwich in, and lots of time off work to go ... Interestingly enough, my list is crammed full of revival movies, and while the total seems impressive, compared to the people who get festival passes for the Seattle International Film Festival I'm just small potatoes. Just for kicks, I'm going to track my books next year, too ... and all the live performances we go to. It should be interesting. I'm also planning on writing two paragraph reviews of all of the books and movies - a new element of the tracking, but one that I think will make it more valuable to anyone who accidentally surfs onto my site while looking for info about said book or movie.

For those who are interested, I present ...
My 2003 Movie List

Chicago 3 1/2
La Jetée 3
Sans Soleil (NR, got bored and left)
Spirited Away (again!) 4
(I'm pretty sure Adaptation was in December ... 4)
Ascent (the Russian movie, a.k.a. Voskhozhdeniye) 4
The Russian Ark (also Russian in case you were wondering) 2
Talk to Her 3 1/2
The Two Towers 2 1/2
How the West Was Won 3 ( + 1/2 for being in Cinerama)
Ikiru 4
Wings 2 1/2 (too pro-war)
Tarnished Angels 3
Written on the Wind 3 1/2
All That Heaven Allows 3 1/2
Under Heaven 3
The Matrix Reloaded 3
Down with Love 3
The Good Old Naughty Days 2
Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan 3
36th Chamber of Shaolin 3
Chow Yun Fat Meets Brownie Girl 2 (bonus points for exotic story line, otherwise muddled)
L'Auberge Espanol 2 1/2 (fun and clever but not life changing in any way)
Sally of the Sawdust (D.W. Griffith silent movie) 2
Various Buster Keaton shorts:
1) The Haunted House
2) One Run Elmer
3) The Blacksmith
4) Cops
More silent shorts (Funny, Funny Forgotten Men of the Silent Screen, courtesy of Denis Nyback)
1) It's a Gift (1923) Snub Pollard
2) Super shorts: Phoebe's Flames, The Three Passes, Nightie Night
3) Swiss Movement (c. 1922) Al Christie
4) A One Night Stand (1915) Chester Conklin, Harold Lloyd, Mae Busch
5) Baby Blues (1928) Billy Barty
6) A Movie Star (1915) Mack Swain
7) Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies (1925) Billy Bevan, Andy Clyde (this was the best movie of the night - after this there were more but I got tired and skipped 'em)
Finding Nemo 3 (awesome animation)
Buster Keaton Silent Cowboy Movies (at The Paramount
1) Go West, 1925
2) The Paleface, 1921
Rivers and Tides 3
Night of the Hunter (1955) 4!
Cremaster 1 & 2 (art movies, unratable)
Tumbleweeds (1925)
Charlie's Angels 2
Xmen 2
Le Fils (The Son) 3
Vendredi Soir 2 1/2
They Drive By Night 3
Revenger's Tragedy 3
So Close 3 (The review compared it to Charlie's Angels but I found it actually was better served by being compared to The Matrix 2, which it was better than.)
Robin Hood (with Errol Flynn) 3
Hell's Highway 3
Lost in Translation 3 1/2
Bend it Like Beckham 2 1/2
Intolerable Cruelty 2 1/2
Love Actually 2 (sorry, it was just a waste of all of that good talent, even though it was modestly entertaining)
Guy Maddin's Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary 3 (very cool if you're a silent movie buff)</p>

Matrix: Revolusions 1 1/2 horrible disappointment
Pirates of the Carribean 2 1/2 right fun

Touchez Pas au Grisbi (1953) 3 another great French film noir a la Rififi
American Splendor 3 1/2
Elf 3
Triplets of Belleville 3 1/2

Return of The King and/or Sunset

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