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Three exciting things about today (Or Three Reasons to Call Me a Big Dork)

1. The cutest boy on LiveJournal added me to his friends list.
2. I finally got some comments after MANY days with no responses.
3. Um ... I don't know, I went out to lunch and did JACK for the seven or so hours I was at work today, not including the hour and a half lunch. What the hell am I doing even sitting at this desk right now? Frying my rods and cones again? I barely even bothered reading the New York Times. What did I do all day?

Question: Any regrets about wearing big-ass flannel jammies last night?
Answer: Only the fact that my foot caught on the metal lock of the suitcase I had stored them in and STILL HURTS.

Tonight: ham dinner and Cities and Knights of Catan with my brother, Maurie, and Cathy. Yay! Then karaoke if I'm not dead by the time we finish. Tomorrow: Return to the Cinerama, two weeks after all the real fans have already seen the movie. But hey, it gets me out of work early.

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