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Limitation on amount of time abroad for indefinite leave to remain

In two and a half years I can apply for ILF (Indefinite Leave to Remain), the English equivalent of permanent residency. I'm pretty hot for this as it means I can go back home and take care of business (or ill relatives) if I need to without having to face jumping all the hurdles again in order to be able to come back and work legally.

However, I found out over lunch yesterday that, while being gone for more than a month or two at a time could negate my current work permit (I can't remember the details), in addition there is a maximum total amount of time you binge out of Great Britain that you cannot exceed in order to qualify for ILR. That time is 225 days (more or less, I will look up the details at some point).

Over the course of the last 2 1/2 years, I have been gone for 106 days. It's about to go up to 120 days.

It's possible that the days that you leave and the days you return won't count against me, in which case I'm at about 70 days, but, still, I will need to keep an eye on this. Perhaps spending my vacation time in Scilly will begin to look more attractive after all (despite the outrageous expense of getting there).
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