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Snowing in Seattle

I'm dreaming of a white New Year's
The one where we had to stay at home
On the couch we shivered
But Mama's delivered
We chilled ... the champagne in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white New Year's
While I work to my blog update
With the streets all ice crystal paved
If I walk to the Merc ... the night's saved.

It's snowing! It's so pretty but deadly if you have to drive anywhere. I was obliged to leave my brother's house to pick up Worthy Opponent and meet up with the rest of the karaokeposse crew ... but the accumulation was causing enough slipping to make me think we should just head back to our house. It was lovely watching the snowflakes sort of making up their minds about which way they should go as the appeared in the beams of the streetlights ... but we slid all the way off of the exit ramp (even though we took the Dearborne exit instead of Yesler), and as we approached within one block of our house a person several cars ahead of us was NOT making it up the hill. So we parked as soon as we could get off of the street. Worthy Opponent immediately got into a snowball fight with some total strangers, which made him all happy, and now he's outside taking pictures while I'm hoping I can get out of going in to work tomorrow. I guess we'll see ... I'd love to just stay home and be lazy tomorrow!

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