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Well, five months of good physical health have come to an end. I woke up this morning with my stomach making noises like jet fighters cracking the sound barrier. I initially thought it was hunger, but then come this afternoon I was, er, visiting the ladies' room rather a lot. And I was cold - "why won't the heater come on? It's freezing in here!"

So finally, ten minutes ago, I took my temperature. 101. Bah!

Tonight's plan was supposed to be heading back into town for a party, but I just didn't feel quite up enough for it - and now I'm grateful that, for once, I didn't push myself, and that I had nothing else to do that, say, would have required dealing with non-refundable tickets. They would have hated me having to get out of my seat every 20 minutes.

Next stop: possibly watching the video of Hairspray: The Musical - or just reading a little bit and going to sleep in half an hour, if my stomach will let me. And since I am moving slowly, I took the opportunity to upload a few more pictures of my tea party.
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