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Eating Oreos and enjoying the weather

Last night I took my bruised ego out of work quite promptly and headed to Penderel's Oak for some consolation cider and a brief visit with Nanna before heading off to see Dimetos at the Donmar via a trip to Assa for some righteous Korean food.

Dimetos was weird. I'm going to write it up tomorrow - today I haven't quite had the time. preview of summer ballet at the Royal Opera house, because, you know, I had to feed the monkey, just a little bit.

Today so far has been about being lazy and not getting the house cleaned like I ought to and doing a bit of shopping and having lunch on Upper Tooting Road, because, you know, the Indian food, it's where it's at. In fact, I probably only went shopping because I really wanted to go out to eat. And in a few moments I will get off of the computer at last and maybe do about ten minutes of housework and then head to the Battersea Arts Center to see Punchdrunk's Don John, which I'm really hoping isn't as horrible as the reviews make it out to be. If so, I'll be out the door at intermission and off to rescue my night elsewhere, but none of this will happen until I have one more Oreo, which will be right about now.


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Apr. 25th, 2009 07:56 pm (UTC)
I remember in 2001 when I and the entire staff of 12 under my boss were let go as part of a larger layoff. Nobody saw it coming. management rarah'd about how great things were right up to the 50% layoff.
Apr. 26th, 2009 10:13 am (UTC)
I've had piles of warning from many of the companies I've worked at about layoffs coming, and to be honest, I see more probably coming here, even though they haven't said anything. But we've had 'em twice in the last six months and it's just where things are going now.

I'll try to get my phone set up so I can do more photo blogging on LJ again, just for you.
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