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Pet attack

I realized today that the living room carpet had probably had the last of it since, much to my dismay, Boo has taken up peeing in the same area Hestia liked to use. So before we headed out to Corinna's for a game of Puerto Rico (which shadowdaddy won, even after we "groundhog day'ed" it to see how a different final round would have affected the score), we spent some time looking at rugs online, since we'll still need to protect the living room from the maurading toenails of Giant Poodle Dogs.

On the way home (post Coworker of Worthy Opponent's Open House Party), I was thinking that it was time to put an ad in the paper to find a new home for Lily. What to my wondering eyes did appear as we opened the door but torn wrapping paper, busted open lipsticks, downed juice glasses, broken wooden things, shredded cheese wrappers from the kitchen, and kitty litter strewn all over the carpet ... courtesy of the dogs, whom I'd put in the airlock thinking it would 1) give Lily more room than she gets in the crate and 2) help reduce Shadow's separation anxiety. So until she finds a new home, Lily gets to spend all of her unsupervised time locked up tight (as she is Lily the Destroyer), and Shadow gets to go back in the kitchen, where he will continue to wear down his toenails digging at the linoleum in front of the kitchen door. Sigh.
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