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Three New Year's Miracles

My day got off to a good start, which was a surprise. First, as I was digging through my sock drawer, I found a nice, insulated glove that MIRACULOUSLY matches the one in the glovebox of the car. What kind of shock was THAT? Second, I did NOT fall as I was walking down the stairs, thanks to shadowdaddy's careful planning (a strategically placed doormat saved my bacon). Third, right before I got in the car I heard a traffic report saying there had been an accident right where I normally get on the freeway, and (viewing the Christmas-like wall of lights awaiting me at the foot of the hill) I was able to divert and take a different route to I-90, where thanks to plenty of sand and a near complete lack of other drivers I sailed effortlessly in, a statement few Seattleittes could make today based on what I heard about the Aurora bridge and the West Seattle bridges (and freeway X and freeway Y) being closed due to ice and spinouts. My boss did not have such good luck: she beat me in by easily forty-five minutes, then spent all of that time sitting on the elevator, which for some reason decided to shut down once she made it inside. The gods of luck are being capricious today: I'd better watch my step (literally and figuratively).

There are three movies I want to see this week, and I don't know how I'm going to see them all. "Eyes without a Face" is at the Grand Illusion, and "The Station Agent" and "Etre et Avoir" are at the Crest. Supposedly tonight we're playing Puerto Rico with my coworker Ken, which will cut into movie time. Tomorrow we were going to go snowshoeing, but that's looking increasingly unlikely due to the expected foulness from the sky - maybe we can catch a movie then.

I've been meaning to tell my anime and Japan loving friends about an exciting event at the Seattle Children's museum, but they've been very slack about getting info on it up on the web. So here's the ANCEA's announcement about the upcoming "Jump to Japan" exhibit, which will have both a Miyazaki festival component and (keep your pants on!) a chance to ride the cat bus. I am SO excited about this. (And anyone who hasn't seen "My Neighbor Totoro" probably thinks I am just some kind of drug-addled muddlebrain, but really, go rent it and then you'll know what I'm talking about.)
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