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Recipe: Pasta with cauliflower

Normally I wouldn't eat cauliflower - but I will give this recipe a try - only without the anchovies.

1 lb bucatini (hollow spaghetti)
1 med cauliflower
2 oz golden raisins
minced onion (actual amount not listed in recipe! one small?)
1 oz pine nutes
1 small bag of saffron (no idea how much this is but use your judgment)
2 oz fillets of anchovy in oil - only, not so much, as in my mind fish would ruin it!
5 T extra virgin olive oil
Salt, pepper to tast

Cut off tops (florets) of caulifower and parboil in salted water for 5 minutes. Drain (reserving the water) and put aside.

Brown the minced onion in a saucepan with plenty of oil. Add the anchovy, drained and chopped, until it dissolves. (Or skip it. I will.) Add raisins, pine nuts, cauliflower, then brown on moderate flame.

Dissolve the saffron in 1/2 C of the cauliflower broth. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook for 15 minutes. Boil the pasta until done in the remaining brother, stir into the sauce, rest for one minute, then serve.
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