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Review of "New Works in the Linbury" now up

Man, the last two evenings have been a whirlwind of activity - two really awesome nights of ballet, one in celebration of our anniversary, one just regular old same-old, same-old (except all new works in an intimate environment so ROCK). Now that I'm taking the reviewing thing more seriously, though, every show I see means a pile of work as I attempt to assemble my thoughts into something coherent.

I've managed to write up last night's highly enjoyable New Works at the Linbury, but meanwhile Giselle is still languishing on the shelf! These guys at work better start getting some stuff to me - I don't want to have spare time, I want to be getting things done, but there's a clog in the pipeline. Maybe I'll just scoot my way over to the gym early and get some exercising in while there's nothing awaiting my attention.

Also, this recipe for gomen is making me drool over the thought of Ethiopian food.
Tags: ballet, recipes, reviews

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