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The houseguests are doing well

shadowdaddy was just sitting on the couch with butterbee and lockedindreams, watching some show called "Making Fiends" on YouTube and laughing his head off. It was nice to see - or, rather, hear, as I was putting food away from dinner. I made the pasta with raw tomatoes/arugula (rocket) recipe from last summer and it went down well - wechsler was over and I think I can say everyone enjoyed it.

The five of us had a fun day pottering around the Wellcome Collection, where the madness and art exhibit proved very informative, especially for lockedindreams, who's doing her dissertation on madness in women in Victorian literature. Now that dinner's done, I've finished my review of the Harp Consort from yesterday (in addition to the review of Giselle, which I finished late last night but was too tired to post here). Next up is cleaning all of the dishes off of the table, shower, and bedtime. It's lovely having people over but I'm afraid I must go back to work tomorrow - alas.
Tags: reviews, shadowdaddy is a silly boy

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