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The station agent and other entertainment

Actually stayed at work until 5, even though I was going to leave early, because I remembered I still needed to find a place to stay in La Paz and did a little bit more looking since I had brought in my travel book. We were both pretty hungry and got some sizzling chow at the Old Szechuan: dry cooked green beans, beef and "bean cured flower," and Chung King chicken (the kind that's cooked with big chili pepper pods). Everything was delicious and I had a hard time making myself stop eating.

Afterwards we had some time to kill so we went to Secluded Alley Works to see the show that was having its opening - "Contra Naturum" (Against Nature) (and why not, it was only around the corner from our house and had been recommended by The Stranger. The art didn't really seem to work to heavily into the theme. The false hybrid insects were kind of interesting, but didn't struck me either as technically or intellectually exciting. Supposedly there were "peaceful animal kingdom" works there, but the paintings and line drawings didn't fit the theme at all. I was interested by the two knitted objects, which twisted both their materials and the objects they resembled ... kind of mis-matched animal parts. The porcelain sculptures of made up animals with fur and seedpods in them (and vibrant sexual organs) had a plaintive quality to them ... I'm ugly but I still want to be loved. Afterwards we made it in good time to the Crest to see The Station Agent, which was only mildly interesting (although not bad). I hope I still get to see Les Yeux Sans Visage this weekend ... if we only get to see one movie this weekend we went to see the wrong one.
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