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Spring cleaning? New Year Cleaning!

Just got back from a trip to one of the many Vietnamese delis/grocery stores in my neighborhood (Minh Tam, first time going in). I'm still such a tourist when I go to these places, even though I am actually there to buy stuff (porkchops for tonight's calorie-laden dinner). The deli section was full of mysterious items wrapped in banana leaves, whole fried fish with spiky scales, roasted ducks with their heads on (pretty pedestrian for me now), and all sorts of plastic-wrapped pastries in styrofoam trays. Yeah, sure, I know the big circular shiny boxes are full of candied fruits for New Year's, but I still don't know what do do with the aluminum foil watch that comes with the Joss paper (or the joss paper, really) and I'm kind of freaked out watching women scoop tong-fulls of pork intestine into plastic bags just like they were picking up salad mix. Brr rrr rrr! We also got some gooseberries on a stick (only 69 cents!) and some salt.

Our morning was spent at an estate sale, where we turned down the $4000 mahogany dining room set (as if!) but longed for the house, with its view of Lake Washington and four-jet, 1920s-era shower (we came home with a $6 side table and some kitchen errata - I need to point out the $50 freezer to my brother); in the U-District, where we went to two different bookstores as I slowly unloaded all of my political philosophy books (except for Thorstein Veblen and Alexis de Toqueville), in the name of "cleaning house;" then in the ID, where we hit the Angkor Noodle House for a little dim sum (no chicken feet for us, though). Strangely, as we sat shivering in the restaurant (it was 25 degrees out, and for the record I miss using an OS with a character map), we reminisced over the dinner we had just last night right around the corner at the Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant. It must be the gloomy weather that's making food have such an all important role in our lives right now. After all, there's no telling when the men will be bringing a nice mammoth back to the cave again and we need to lay on the fat while there's still meat a-plenty!

Tonight, it looks like it will be Puerto Rico with my brother, his wife, and Ken from work. I'm looking forward to this, and apparently desperately avoiding my afternoon goals, namely cleaning the god-damned sty I call my home before people come over to watch Damn Yankees tomorrow. It's not like I'll have time to do it AFTER snowshoeing!
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