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Could I possibly find something better to do on vacation than blog?

Man, I;m exhausted after a heavy day of walking, walking, walking. Nice is cool, like Miami Beach with lots of baroque architecture (actually fin de siecle) to mess things up a bit. I imagine it being La Paz's fantasy about what it wants to be when it grows up. Our hotel is actually not in a great part of town, but the hookers I saw last night were really good looking. It is near the beach and almost quiet enough, though I slept poorly last night. It was actually raging warm when we arrived and I worried it would be intolerably hot and humid today, but a few clouds rolled in and it cooled down. Sadly nothing can be dne about the prices: Nice seems like one of the most expensive cities I've ever travelled in. Even the house wine is expensive. Price didn't stop me from going wild at the world's most amazing gelato shop. I skipped the olive and avocado flavors and went for peppered vanilla and lemon verbena; today I got rose and violet. MMMmmm.

a href="Http://yfrog.com/0esbe">This is what it seemed I did all day, though I also shopped a bit.</a> I found a great tea shop and bought two different 2009 2nd flush Darjeelings (just arrived!) as well as tea from Iran and Kenya. I also got some killer cheese at the market next to our hotel (this is a big plus and will affect what we eat for the rest of the trip). Somehow this wound up killing far more of the day than I expected but somehow tea buying trips get very conversational.

This computer is really irritating me so I'm going to skip the rest of the day and say that tomorrow we're taking a tiny train up into the hills behind Nice, and I have a sneaking suspicion we're going to wind up at Marineland Provence. WOO HOO. I'm dehydrated again today but at least I'm not sunburned, and I'm really happy about getting to eat Tunisian food for dinner tonight.
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