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Snowshoeing in the Cascades

Squirtch, squirtch: snowshoes on crisp snow
fwoof, fwoof: snowshoes on soft snow
glimmertwinkle: tiny snowflakes blowing off the trees

As usual, we started very late (only leaving the house at noon), but we were thrilled that the forecast held up as planned: sunny and Really Fucking Cold. In the parking lot of the Snow Park we euphemized the weather with other folks who were layering on gear. "Invigorating." "Brisk." "Not quite enough to kill you as long as you keep moving." I had a little laugh wondering if my black and red gear made me The Goth Showshoeress, but of course the second you make clothes out of polartec they can't possibly be goth, and the whole outdoor activity thing also killed it.

And off we went (we including our friend Corinna but not the dogs) up into the hills, where the trees were very pointpendiculur and the snow thick and fluffy. There was lots of blue sky between the trees, and some incredible views of nearby lightly-glaciated peaks, and lots of squirtch squirtch as we trudged away. It must have been good exercise - I was finally able to feel the blood in my toes AFTER half an hour, and I removed two layers on the way up.

I think the whole point of doing stuff like this is in part just to get outside and move around a little, but mostly (for me anyway) like the kayaking it's about enjoying how beautiful it is and going "ooh pretty" every five steps. I loved all of the blues in the snow and the curves of the snow covered branches. On the way back, I stopped to just "take it all in" and was surprised to see the snow still appearing to slide by me ... a trick my eyes play on me occasionally when I'm visually overstimulated. It was pretty cool.

We finished off the day with a visit to the Thai restaurant reviewed in the Seattle P-I on Friday -- since it was in Issaquah it was nicely on the way home. I was thrilled that the place was, in fact, every bit as good as the reviewer had promised, and enjoyed the silly decor even more than I think she did. (I've got to get one of those spooky glowing smoky water fountains.)

Now we're about to start our four week Bob Fosse movie festival. The first film: "Damn Yankees!" I like the idea of a woman being the devil ... this is going to be great. Cathy and Elliot are on their way over, my stomach is all full, I've warmed up, the dogs are walked ... life is looking good, if you don't count the condition of my living room which I will now end this entry in order to attend to.
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